What is a Companion? Companion is a personified equipment which raises the skill level of your Mercenary when equipped. Meet our new Companions!

Quatina - Cecilia's Companion Defender

You're the last hope of the Banshees, Cecilia.

Iserna - Astrid's Companion Defender

Yes! I am the Empress of this Holy Empire!

Laurence - Carlson's Companion Defender

Carlson! Why are you so late? Did something happen?

Ciene - Renè's Companion Defender

Hm? I thought we were already friends!

Ariel - Michaela's Companion Supporter

Please don't despise the humans, Michaela...

Cleta - Barbara's Companion Warrior

Barbara! You really are my best student!

Andrew - Elisè's Companion Magician

What are you going to do if I'm not around to clean up after your mess?

CUSTOM CHANCE-UP UPDATE, You can now choose Mercenaries for chance-up. Recruiting probability of the selected Mercenaries will increase!

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